Chicago, September 4th, 2019 - ENVITAE and ARTSEE today announced an integration between the two companies, which will expand on the existing high-tech experience in ENVITAE luxury vacation rentals, as well as the quality of artworks currently on display.

Having recently hosted the 5000th guest stay in Chicago, in addition to releasing the first digital smart home concierge system, ENVITAE is taking the next step in expanding its luxury service offering by becoming ARTSEE Enabled. Future guests can look forward to more exclusive artwork when staying with ENVITAE, as well as the ability to store that artwork in their digital library within the ARTSEE app. Guests can preview this work on their own walls at home, as well as contact the artists or galleries directly through the app.

As Gareth Rhodes, COO of ENVITAE, explains: “..a lot of our guests are art collectors, and it’s exciting to be able to offer them a much richer experience while reinforcing our vision of a quintessential short term rentals offering.”

Josh Rogers, Founder and CEO of ARTSEE said: “We’re excited to be working with one of the best luxury brands in the sharing economy, while completely changing the way people view and interact with art during their travels.”

This partnership will provide ARTSEE with extensive exposure to thousands of visiting guests as they travel and stay in ENVITAE apartments, while at the same time, building on the already extensive digital and smart elements of ENVITAE homes.


ENVITAE combines all the great benefits of an apartment stay, without the downside risk of being hosted by an individual. All of our homes carefully crafted for guests to stay in luxury, while enjoying a premium concierge service and rich smart technology incorporated into their stays. To book, or for more information, visit or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


The ARTSEE App enables users to preview artwork on walls in their home while on the go. Users can access work from top galleries, snap artwork while on the go, or upload their own art for fast and easy previews. More top galleries and augmented reality features are coming this fall, visit or follow ARTSEE on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date!