At ENVITAE, our mission is to make short term rentals work in urban high-end multifamily rental residences.

Multi-family owners, developers, and managers understand they can increase occupancy and net operating income from short-term furnished rentals: It is simple economics that more demand leads to higher revenue. Yet most do not take advantage of this “found” money because they perceive the risks to be higher than the reward. There are concerns about reputational risk, traditional resident dissatisfaction, additional stress on building staff and management, and others.

The ENVITAE team knows these issues intimately and is dedicated to resolving them. We understand the whole picture when it comes to managing luxury rental residences for maximum long-term profit. We want to convince you that NOW is the time to begin taking advantage of short-term rentals.


At the end of the day, the biggest single challenge in operating a short-term rental in a high-end multi-family building is guest behavior and resident acceptance. Short-term guests may behave differently than traditional residents. And some traditional residents may feel uncomfortable having short-term residents in the building.


  • We employ an intensive human screening process during booking. This allows us to get to know each guest in order to personalize the luxury experience, and at the same time to weed out the bad apples.

  • Each group of guests is met personally at the property. This enhances the guest experience, while at the same time reducing guest footprint in the building AND adding a substantial additional layer of screening. Many suspicious inquiries simply disappear when they learn about the personal check-in process.

  • We have a clear security protocol and personnel ready to react quickly and decisively as appropriate.

  • We operate in the best apartments and buildings. We furnish them nicely and market to high-end clientele. This already pre-selects a population that is less likely to cause issues.

  • We have a very successful membership program that most guests join. This program encourages repeat bookings, therefore, a large portion of our current stays are by previous guests, who have already had incident-free stays.

  • We have advanced sensor technology, developed by our subsidiary, Alertify, to monitor guest compliance with house rules in our units. We monitor for noise, smoke, and the number of occupants.

  • We take 1-day and last-minute bookings only in exceptional circumstances. 90% of the problem stays come from these two categories.


Avoiding problem situations is important, but it is only one side of the coin. In addition to avoiding the negative, we also feel obliged to positively impact the communities in which we operate.


  • We have a multi-family advisory board which consists of representatives from multi-family owners, developers and managers. We meet monthly to come up with ways to ensure ENVITAE remains on a mission to be a great member of our communities.

  • We offer our suites as an amenity to traditional residents, when they need extra space.

  • Our ENVITAE AmbassadorProgram gives traditional residents a chance to meet some of our more fascinating and professional guests in a casual environment. We count among our guests physicians, scientists, C-Suite executives, and entertainment industry professionals.


We partner with Class A buildings in the central districts of major cities. We will normally be most interested in premium units in a building (i.e., larger units, recently renovated, on higher floors with the best views). We offer two basic types of partnerships.


This option is ideal for buildings that are looking for a turnkey solution and a fixed income stream. Very simply, we master lease a block of units for a fixed price and term, and we oversee and take care of all aspects of the business. We will often ask that a senior member of the building staff join our Advisory Board.


THE REVENUE WORK/WORK SPLIT OPTIONThis option is designed for buildings who are interested in taking an active role in their short-term rental strategy and operations, and in having more “skin in the game” from a financial perspective. The short-term rental business is very profitable, and it requires specialized capabilities. If you are interested to get in on the game, this option is for you. Instead of leasing to ENVITAE and collecting a fixed check each month, we split the short-term rental revenue with you. You earn a great or lesser share of the revenue, depending on how much of the work you end up doing. Many buildings find it easier to take over tasks such as personal check-ins, handling in-stay issues, cleaning, and between-stay turnover. A few want to develop in house short-term rental capabilities like pricing and reservations management. In short, the more you do, the bigger split of the revenue you take. With our consulting options, you can be ready to run your own short-term rental business independently in a matter of months.

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