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Chicago Food Trucks: A Local Guide

Chicago food trucks are what make Chicago a culinary destination. Although they only had the right to cook in food trucks a few years ago, the number of trucks that offer food has increased drastically. To help find these delicious food trucks, apps have been developed to pinpoint their exact location on any given day. However, just so you don't have to download one on your phone, we’ll go over some of the most recognized food trucks in Chicago right now.

Here are the 8 food trucks to consider to satisfy your taste buds when exploring the incredible city of Chicago. Take note and choose the ones you are the most interested in in terms of food selection:

5411 Empanadas

If you want to try empanadas from Argentina, then this is the place to go. Empanadas are fairly priced at below $3. Some of their menu items are beef, ratatouille, Malbec beef, and their new Sriracha pork empanadas. Empanadas from this Chicago food truck are handmade and baked. Although it occasionally roams beyond The Loop, you may find it in Daley Plaza, Adams/Wacker, Lake/Stetson, and Clark/Monroe. This Chicago food truck is special because it focuses on offering one of the best empanadas in all of Chicago.

Cupcakes for Courage

This green Chicago food truck is clearly visible from a distant view. Their top seller is called the Survivor, a fluffy cake cupcake featuring buttercream frosting and pastry cream. Don't be fooled by the name though. In Cupcakes for Courage, you can also find omelets, waffles, and pancakes, among other types of food. A very large and delicious plate is the choripapa brunch plate. Gluten-free options are available. You can find this truck in the Loop. This truck is one of the best of its kind because the story behind it is pretty inspiring. The owners of it, Laura and Kathryn Pekarik help in the research for cancer by donating some of their earnings for this purpose.

Amanecer Breakfast Tacos

There are many students in Chicago. Students are almost always in a hurry. Also, Amanecer Breakfast Tacos serves tacos aimed at helping with the hangover from last night. Tacos sold here are San Antonio style tacos. They have trades of 10 tacos for affordable prices such as the vegetarian option, the vegan, Bean and chorizo, carnitas, and picadillo among others. You can find this Chicago food truck on campuses such as Garrett/Sheridan, Foster/Sheridan, Church/Maple, and Noyes/Cheridan. Amanecer Breakfast Tacos is special because it focuses on breakfasts unlike other trucks which have menu items for all foods of the day.

Aztec Dave's Truck

Mexican food is one of the most preferred foods in the world. They are located near the University of Chicago, more specifically, in Hyde Park. Other locations you can find them in are the Adams/Wacker, and the North Bridge shops. Al pastor, chicken, and steak tacos are available as well as burritos. This Chicago food truck is family owned and some of their most important menu items are the Taco Azteca and the Taco Gordo. They also have their own signature sauces such as the Mexican Green Tomatillo and the Avocado Heaven. This truck is special because of their Mexican-inspired food selection.

Beavers Coffee and Donuts

If you want to eat donuts made up of Pop Rocks, cinnamon sugar, strawberry sauce, and smores fixings, then you must visit this Chicago food truck. You can find this truck around Addison/Southport, Adams/Wacker, Jackson/Wabash, and around the look. All food is made from scratch and the coffee is imported. Also, they offer signature toppings along with mini donuts. You can find 4 mini donuts for around $3 which is a very good price to pay for those products. If you order 9 mini donuts, the price to be paid is $5. Special toppings can be acquired for $1 per additional topping. One of their top products is the Goombah Donut Shake. This one is a shake that has a single donut as its topping along with crumbled cannoli creams and chells. This Chicago food truck is special because it offers food for people on a budget.

Blue Street Market

This Chicago food truck is always coming up with a new selection of food to offer. The most popular option for breakfast is the Big Bacon Burrito. You can choose the specific kind of meat you like with this one along with cheddar jack cheese and potatoes. Another popular option includes the Firecracker Chicken. You can find it stationed at Daley Plaza, Erie/Orleans, Adams/Wacker, and Addison/Southport. This truck is special because they are always changing their menus.

The Cajun Connoisseur

New Orleans classic food such as po-boys can be bought here. There are a variety of meats including lobster, king crab, chicken, and jumbo shrimp. Other seafood options are tilapia, crawfish, salmon, and crab. You can find this Chicago food truck in the University of Chicago, 600 West Chicago, and Halsted/Roosevelt areas. Specific menu items are the TCC's Chicken Breast Po Boy, the King of the sea fish sandwich, the TCC's shrimp and grits, and the Jambalaya De TCC. This truck is special because they offer food from the Mid-South area of the US.

The Cheesie's Truck

As you may have already guessed, you can find sandwiches with a large variety of cheeses such as cheddar and mozzarella. Their iconic food item is ''The Tenderizer'' which also contains bacon, BBQ sauce, ranch, and fried chicken tenders. You can find this Chicago food truck around the University of Chicago, the Daley Plaza, Clark/Monroe, and Adams/Wacker. This truck is special because it has a wide range of cheese offerings.

As you have seen, these are very popular options when it comes to food trucks in Chicago. There's a large variety of food and menu items available ranging from ice creams to empanadas to crepes to seafood. Most of them are located around The Loop or the Adams/Walker which are two popular destinations when it comes to food trucks in Chicago. Most if not all of them fit any person's budget and many of them feature fresh ingredients along with original food formulas or toppings.

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