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Top 6 Reasons an Apartment Makes the Perfect Vacation Accommodation Choice

When deciding where to spend your next holiday, you may be faced with the decision of choosing between an apartment or a hotel room. Whilst there are many well-known reasons why people often prefer a hotel room instead of any other type of accommodation, the truth is there are relevant and valuable reasons why someone should consider an apartment as a perfect accommodation choice

With that in mind, here are the top 6 reasons why an apartment makes the perfect vacation accommodation choice.


We all want freedom and what better way to enjoy that freedom than on a holiday. But, spending day and night stuck in a hotel room is not the way we see it. An apartment gives you that freedom to indulge in complete relaxation and allows you to completely be yourself.

Having an itinerary is just as important as finding the perfect accommodation, so finding a place that allows you to comfortably explore the are you are in, is the ideal way to also express your freedom while on vacation. Whilst hotels will do their very best to deliver on your every need, they often fail to be able to accommodate your schedule. Breakfast is served until 10 am, lunch is served until 2 pm, dinner between 7 pm and 10 pm, and the bar has its working hours as does every other service in the hotel, but an apartment doesn't because you are in control of everything that happens.

When you consider an apartment for your holidays, it breaks all those rules and puts you in charge of what happens next. Have breakfast at noon or dinner at 1 am if you will, you can sleep late and not worry about all those issues that affect your fellow travelers from the moment they check-in at the closest hotel.

Freedom is one of the main reasons why people will often choose an apartment over a hotel room.


Price will always plays a factor in how we choose our accommodation for our holiday trip. Though many hotels offer great rates, in comparison you can get much more for your money's worth when you opt for an entire apartment. Since apartment owners don't have to rely on a huge staff team, their running costs are much lower than a hotel. Plus, they also often give you access to a bunch of incredible amenities, that might be charged for at hotels.

That ensures that the final price to pay is competitive and that you can surely benefit from that.


You know that great hotels are comfortable. They have beds that feel like clouds, amazing views, multiple pools and all the amenities you are to expect from them, as long as you're willing to pay the price for everything you use - and everything you don't! Very little can make you feel right at home, but apartments tend to offer the type of comfort level you'd often expect from your own home. Since you can't carry your house with you when you travel, you may as well rely on the things you enjoy finding at your own home and look them up when renting an apartment for your holiday.

That way, you're enjoying the best of two worlds - one that feels similar to your usual comfortable one and one that is surely the place where you want to relax in.

Number of People

More often than not, your holiday involves more than just you and your spouse, so finding a place that offers you the opportunity to accommodate large groups of people is vital. Hotel rooms could most definitely work, but you might have to be separated by multiple flights of stairs or elevators that seem to take forever to get up and down the hotel building, and, without really mentioning, the cost of booking multiple rooms can take a huge bite out of your budget. However, booking an apartment or penthouse offers you the luxury of housing your entire group at a low cost per person that hotels can't compete with. It's always best to keep this in mind when looking for accommodation for your next holiday.

Room to Enjoy

Regular hotel rooms aren't usually spacious. The reason for that is that you really won't need them much for anything else than some sleep and a quick shower, as everything else tends to happen outside the hotel premises. Unless you're amongst the lucky few to be able to afford a huge suite at the top of the hotel, odds are that for the same amount of money you'd pay for a standard hotel room, you'll find an apartment that has enough space for your personal belongings, to relax and enjoy your time off and enjoy a lot more. Full-sized apartments are often available for several people and still offer enough space so that people can have a few moments for themselves.

As much as hotels and other types of holiday accommodations are appealing in their terms, renting an apartment for your next vacation will surely present a valid alternative due to valuable arguments of its own.

Expect to easily get much more for less, whilst enjoying a better rate, more freedom, increased comfort and room for your family or friends. With that in mind, you will realize that an apartment holds some interesting positive points of its own, whilst providing you with a great way to spend your holidays. With an increasing amount of online platforms that cater holiday apartments for all tastes and budgets, it's hard not to be tempted and consider them as a valid option for your next holiday.

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